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Best Criminal Defense and Legal Assistance

For the best Criminal Defense and Legal Assistance in Farmington NM, trust Nicholas Cullander PC. Mr. Cullander is based in Farmington New Mexico and has been practicing law for over two decades. Having practiced on both sides of the court as a prosecutor for the District Attorney’s Office, a City Attorney for Aztec, an Assistant Attorney for the city of Farmington NM, and now as a private defense lawyer, he and his associates have the experience to help you resolve your legal issues with the best possible outcome.  Visit our About page to learn more about Nicholas Cullander or  call us today at 505-325-9493 or click here to send us an email to get started.

DWI & DUI Representation

In New Mexico, defending against DWI or DUI can be an overwhelming experience.  You need to know your rights and options to defense as well as the possible consequences if convicted.  Nicholas Cullander, PC and his associates will work tirelessly on your defense.  Contact us today at 505-325-9493 if you or someone you know needs quick representation for DWI or DUI in Farmington or the surrounding area.

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Bankruptcy Assistance

Filing bankruptcy can be a good way to gain relief from debts you cannot pay, but it can be complicated.  Before you make any decisions about continuing with this process, you should consult someone experienced with the process and all of the options.  Nicholas Cullander, PC is here to help you.  Contact us today for a complete consultation.  Call us at 505-325-9493 or click here to send us an email.

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